Planet Quest

Planet Quest 4

Spectacular 3D space imagery in this screensaver


  • Nice imagery
  • Relaxing background music
  • Always a different scene


  • No extra information about planets


Planet Quest is a 3D screensaver with beautiful imagery from the solar system and other planets beyond.

Unlike other similar screensavers, Planet Quest doesn’t use a set of ready-made images. It uses the processing power of your computer to render a different scene each time, including planets, stars, asteroids, moons and other elements. The Planet Quest screensaver also plays relaxing background music that helps you get in the mood for a session of stargazing. You can also customize the playlist to add your favorite songs.

Fortunately Planet Quest doesn’t require advanced graphic hardware. It even has a special "low power" mode for laptop users, when the system is running just on the battery. On the downside, we missed having some more information about what appears on the screen.

Planet Quest is a beautiful 3D screensaver with breathtaking images from outer space.

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